Lord of Snow for Michael 4

A set of armor for a warrior knight, suitable for high fantasy style renders like 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Game of Thrones'.

P3D Jake & Jeffrey

Jake and Jeffrey are photo realistic high quality characters for Michael 4 and morphs++ and Genesis with M4 Shapes.

Veteran War Dog for M4

Veteran War Dog for Michael 4 is a complete clothing, character and props set. The set features the Veteran WarDog character and textures plus the WarDog clothing and prop set.

Sissy Le Beaux Hair Sets

Sissy Le Beaux Hairsets,are 2 detailed hair sets, made for Sissy Le Beaux character but can be used for any other V4 character.

Jun for M4

Jun is an Asian male character set for Michael 4. He comes with 7 eye colors and 7 detailed make-up options.

STZ Bad Boy

You can use STZ Bad boy with STZ Bedroom 6.