Anya For Josephene 8

Introducing Anya, a curvaceous girl that doesn't make any assumptions about who she can be. Anya is wide-eyed and goofy, model and heroine. She can slay enemies with just one look, or become best friends with just one gesture.

Melody and Micah Bundle

In a world of humanoid toons, perhaps it is time for something just a bit different. Meet Melody and Micah. A funloving, feisty feline couple who personify both sexy and innocence in one package.

Furries’ Furs – Fisher Cat

Bring out the animal in your Furries with textures designed to free their wild side.

Paramantis for Mantisaran

Paramantis: an add on for the Mantisaran, an all original alien figure from the folks at Sixus1, expands on the base creature's visceral, hard sci-fi design adding a beautiful, pattern laden layer of chitinous armor, topped off by the orb-endowed, six winged carapace back piece, hand held energy weapon and a bonus set of poses!

Alice Redemption

Alice for Genesis consists of an eight piece Fantasy Ensemble that is sure to bring a whole other world to your renders.

Core Collection Volume One

Core Collection Volume One for V4.

Core Collection Volume 2

Core Collection Volume 2 for V4.


Fit for the Sweatsuit for Genesis 3 Male(s) is comprised of two classic sporty looks that can seamlessly go from strolling-about-town casual to strenuous gym workouts.

Furries Bundle

They're soft and fuzzy, cute and cuddly, part human, part beast - a fantastically, furry feast. With Furries, transform Melody and Micah into lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!