Slingshot Swim dForce Swimsuit for Genesis 9

简介:The Slingshot Swim dForce Swimsuit is an outfit for the Genesis 9 figure using the Feminine shape for use in Daz Studio using Iray.A version of this swimsuit for the Genesis 8 female can be found i

dForce X-Fashion Cute Princess Bows Outfit for Genesis 9

简介:dForce X-Fashion Cute Princess Bows Outfit for G9 comes in 10 color options that can be freely mixed and matched.产品原链接:

Xi Yue and Xi Yue Hair for Genesis 9

简介:Xi Yue, whose name symbolizes her complex life journey and ever-changing destiny, is akin to the ebb and flow influenced by the moon’s gravitational pull.With short hair, she exudes professionalism

ND Masha for Genesis 8 -8.1 Morph Only

简介:Introducing Masha, a G8/8.1 Morph only * no textures are includedCopy the folders (drag and drop)into your “My Library” folderload up a Genesis 8/8.1 base figure and search the parameters tab for t

Dorina W Pro Textures for Genesis 9

简介:Gifts:Dorina W Charachter Morps (separated:Head/Body)Included Genesis 9 Female Genitalia Textures And Materials.Included Makeups and 2 Face PosesMaps:Diffuse,Spec,Bump,Gloss,AmbientCharachter Morph

Biostate Lamination Suits for V3

简介:Biostate Lamination Suits for Victoria 3.产品原链接: DRIVE

Cyborg Suit For Genesis 3 & 8 Female’s

简介:Cyborg Suit converted for Genesis 3 & 8 Females.The clothing are all rigged correclty so they move roboticlly. Geografting was used to hide the robotic parts and leave the head alone.The suit h


简介:Hr-125 hair Fits: Aiko 4, Ang2, Bod, Dawn, Doll 1.0, Stephanie 4, The Girl 4, Victoria 3, Victoria 4, Freak 4, Hiro 4, JJ3, Michael 3, Michael 4.产品原链接:

Jaythen Hair V4, A4, G4 & Cookie

简介:Jaythen Hair is a Morphing/Conforming wild updo style for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, and The Girl 4.Included are default color and 10 addtional colors, with silver hoop earring props.产品原链接:

XI Forest Villa

简介:A secluded villa deep in a tropical forest, stay here and enjoy the nature.The set is made up nearly 40 props and comes with a complete preload. There are 7 camera presets also included.产品原链接:https