Oso Rabbitfolk for Genesis 9

简介:Genetically engineered spies or fantastic beings, cartoonish chums or kooky pilots, let these leporine folk hop into your renders!Featuring dForce hair, posable prop tail and ears, and a variety of

Daz Rodent

简介:The Daz Rodent is a cute, furry companion perfect for any home.  This little one comes with a mouse morph, several skin and fur options as well as a complete pose set.  Adjustable fur settings let

Komodo Dragon by AM

简介:Komodo Dragon by AM has been finely reproduced for Daz Studio, complete controls, poses, and additional drool effects conforming figures for enhanced realism.产品原链接:

Animal Jabo

简介:Animal Jabo is an amphibious creature that lives in the swamps of the planet Gaya.This three-legged predator floats atop the water, waiting for unsuspecting prey.The set includes five color variant

Varg 8 for Daz Dog 8

简介:Introducing the ultimate collector's item for fans of dark fantasy and epic battles — the highly poseable 3D model of the fearsome Varg!Designed with a modern cinema aesthetic, this Varg perfectly

Phaff for Humo the Dragon

简介:Create the cutest faces for the small and awesome Humo. You'll get fairy, fire dragon, undead, and more sides of this lovely fantasy creature with Phaff for Humo the Dragon.依赖产品: Humo the Dragon产品原

Mars Spider

简介:Introducing the Mars Spider! This incredibly detailed creature is perfect for your sci-fi, fantasy, or horror projects.The Mars Spider comes with 5 stunning material presets in 8K resolution that b

Tapirdary for Daz Horse 3

简介:The Tapirdary have been transported to many planets as they can be highly adaptable to desert and tropical climates. Powerful beasts of burden have helped many colonists establish a foothold in wil


简介:3D Crab Rigged产品原链接:下载链接:

HiveWire House Cat

简介:Soft and sweet or prickly and hissing, and just in time for your Halloween Renders! This base House Cat figure includes 3 beautiful different Grey Tabby options, over 370 morphs and control dials,