Pablo 8.1 Day of the Dead Bundle

简介:The Pablo 8.1 Day of the Dead Bundle includes everything you need to orchestrate a spirited Dia de los Muertos celebration featuring Pablo 8.1, a skilled musician and proud mariachi band member. Th

Costume Collection Bundle

简介:The Costume Collection Bundle comes jam-packed with attire for party-goers of all shapes and sizes. Get ready to fill your virtual closets with 10 complete outfits inspired by a variety of genres a

Costume Collection Textures Bundle

简介:Craving even more costume variety? The Costume Collection Textures Bundle ensures your ensemble will never go stale. Make a costume change on the fly with fresh looks for several outfits featured i

ZsaZsa Character Bundle

简介:The ZsaZsa Character Bundle is a ready-made character who's ready to go all out in your scenes.This set includes character Zsazsa HD for Genesis 8 Female, the beautiful Capri Hair and Colors for Ca

Sinful Succubus Bundle

简介:Tales of demonic entities that prey upon human companionship can be found throughout history.The Sinful Succubus Bundle includes 2 highly detailed characters, succubus wings, and a wing texture exp

Black Magic Queen Bundle by Mousso and Linday

简介:Introducing Sharon, a gorgeous high quality character for Genesis 8 and 8.1 female.She comes with two custom and a fantasy face morph, HD head and body details, 14 makeup and matching lip colors,8

Lincoln and London Bundle for Genesis 8 Males and Genesis 8 Females

简介:Hey there, we're Lincoln and London! We're fun characters created by 3D Universe for Genesis 8 Male and Female. Loaded with youthful personality and character, we will be a welcome addition to your

Punkish Boots Collection for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

简介:The Mohawk Boots, Punisher Boots and Dragon Boots all together! Each pair comes with multiple Iray material presets and features support for 30+ Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8.1 Female shapes. They

Prehistoric Park Nick Hiatt Picks

简介:Make science fiction reality with the Prehistoric Park Nick Hiatt Picks bundle. To customize the grounds for each dinosaur exhibit, you’ll receive the sturdiest perimeter walls to create your enclo

Catty 8.1 Gender Fluid Pride Fashion Bundle

简介:The Catty 8.1 Gender Fluid Pride Fashion Bundle represents gender non-conformity through the ages. It includes Catty 8.1 — a gender fluid character — and outfits inspired by queer fashion in the 70