Baroque Castle Garden – Daz Studio Iray HDRI Pack

简介:Indulge in a stunning baroque castle garden 4-HDRI DAZ Studio Pack that will infuse romance and beauty in your renders...产品原链接:https://www.daz3d.com/baroque-castle-garden--daz-studio-iray-hdri-pack

Swedish Castle And Garden – DAZ Studio Iray HDRI Pack

简介:This gorgeous set of 8 Daz Studio Iray HDRI's with a stunning 13th-century Swedish castle with a garden and water fountain, will make your render ooze with beauty and romance!产品原链接:https://www.daz3

HDRI Urban Greens II

简介:HDRIs are one of the best ways to achieve realism in 3D software either for characters or environments.These HDRI Urban Greens II will take you on a ride to fancy paradisaic territories, so you can

HDRI Urban Mix

简介:Travel without moving - let the HDRI Urban Mix take you to places that you will love. To light either characters or environments, the urban mix has got you covered, either with the background or wi

Rural Virginia HDRI

简介:Rural Virginia HDRI features a typical rural farmhouse with its pleasant country surroundings. From a trailer next to a pond to a dusty yet bright kitchen, you will immerse yourself in the countrys

Luminosity Drama: Iray Mesh Lighting System for Dramatic Lights and Shadows

简介:Luminosity Drama Mesh Lighting System for Iray is a simplified lighting system for dramatic lights and shadows using mesh light props and Environment and Tone Mapping settings.Luminosity Drama come

Golden Glow Light Set

简介:Created to make it quick and easy for artists to set up vibrant Iray portraits and character shots, the Golden Glow Light Set will give you gorgeous results with a minimal amount of effort. Simply

Metallic Gel Portrait Lighting for Iray

简介:Metallic Gel Portrait Lighting for Iray is a portrait light builder for DAZ Studio Iray. Included are a selection of Gel, Spot, and Rim Lights. There are also pose presets to position the lights in

50 HDRIs – Movie Maker Iray – Metropolis Sunset

简介:Create stunning images / animations up to 40 times faster with these 50 HDRI maps and matching camera presets! Render literally in seconds per frame (even using CPU).Designed with matching cameras

3D Photo Scenes – Magical Fields

简介:Super easy to use photo backgrounds/scenes with a 3D effect. These beautiful sets will take you and your renders to breathtaking fields... With dual planes, one for the sky and one for the ground,