Core Collection Volume One

Core Collection Volume One for V4.

Core Collection Volume 2

Core Collection Volume 2 for V4.


Fit for the Sweatsuit for Genesis 3 Male(s) is comprised of two classic sporty looks that can seamlessly go from strolling-about-town casual to strenuous gym workouts.

Furries Bundle

They're soft and fuzzy, cute and cuddly, part human, part beast - a fantastically, furry feast. With Furries, transform Melody and Micah into lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!

The Lindwyrm

Linnorm. Wyrm. Lindwyrm.

OTTO – The Mad Octopus

Have you ever imagined an octopus as a friend? Here’s OTTO, an octopus with a particular anthropomorphic head.

Business Class Two G2F

Business Class Two is a versatile Shirt and Pants set that can be used in many settings.

Sci-Fi Med Bed

The Sci-Fi Med Bed is an automated self contained surgery. A futuristic look at the O.R. that works great with any of your Sci-Fi environments.

Road Ranger

Drive in luxury in the Road Ranger SUV! This highly detailed vehicle contains a quality exterior and interior that's fully functional.