The Lava Battle Pit

简介:The Lava Battle Pit is horrific yet perfect for your battle scenes. This set is fully rigged with doors, lava, stepping stones, and 2 spiked boobie traps. The lava level can be lowered or raised, a

Western Chic for Your Wild Star

简介:Western Chic is composed of 4 totally different, authentic and intricately fashioned looks for the Your Wild Star outfit for the Genesis 8 Females by zoro_d.The 4 looks included in Western Chic are

2021-17 Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

简介:Dress up your heads with this high-quality layered long hair with bangs for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females.The 3D mesh is made with strands of different sizes for real-world volume and dynamic looks. Th

dforce Flimsy T Dress G3FG8F

简介:dforce Flimsy T Dress G3FG8FIs it a dress? Is it a Tee? Is it a Nightie? It's whatever you want it to be!It moves, it shows, it's sexy, it's Flimsy!Another "Like Life" product I hope you will enjoy

The Good Student Poses Sign Language and Expressions for Genesis 8 Female

简介:Turn in your best grades with The Good Student Poses, Sign Language, and Expressions for Genesis 8 Female. She's cool and flirty but very dedicated to being the best in her class. In The Good Stude

The Risque Flutter Dress for Genesis 8 Female

简介:A bold and fashionable everyday option with a soft cotton dressand slightly rigid top, available in select prints and colours.Whether your characters are just feeling like a little bit of risque fa

Albert Mansion Sunken Add-on

简介:Take the original Albert Mansion set down to a creepier level with the Albert Mansion Sunken Add-on. Included is a murky pond prop (with 8 materials for the water), along with spooky lights, carefu

Ninja Combat Poses for G8F

简介:What's Included:5 Weapons Smart Props (Hanbo, Ninjato, Sai, Tanto & Yari产品原链接:https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/ninja-combat-poses-for-g8f/141041/下载链接:

Ninjutsu Student Poses for Kayden 8.1 and Genesis 8.1 Males

简介:We all have to start somewhere, right? Here are some poses to help Kayden begin his journey from average kid to martial arts master.Ninjutsu Student Poses for Kayden 8.1 and Genesis 8.1 Males is a

Bronze Soul Poses for Genesis 8

简介:Do your barbarian heroes and heroines need some dramatic flair in their adventurous lives? Look no further! Bronze Soul Poses for Genesis 8 has classic and heroic poses for both Genesis 8 Male and