DA Ring Flash Camera

An essential tool for every serious fashion or portrait photographer is a Ring Flash. The Ring Flash gives a nice even illumination with very few shadows. Any shadows will tend to have a nice soft edge simlar to the look that a soft box will produce. A Ring Flash also gives the model a shadowy halo which is very common in professional fashion photography.

iRadiance Crystal – Sparkle Rich HDRIs for Iray

Sparkle, glimmer, and shine with iRadiance Crystal, a huge set of 28 8k HDRI maps with presets focused on bringing you visually interesting lighting and beautiful reflections. Surround your scenes and characters in sparkles!

MEC4D HDRI Gardens Vol. 2 – Megapack

Megapack with 5 HDRIs with Unique Tuscany Gardens.

Professional Studio HDRI Complete Bundle

HDRI-Studio Pro Bundles are aimed at 3D graphic professionals who need a comprehensive collection of top quality lighting environments for their computer graphics models.

Swedish Rocks – DAZ Studio Iray HDRI Pack

A gorgeous set of 5 DAZ Studio Iray HDRI maps, ready to render out of the box!


The product contains 113 HDR images of computer generated skies for spectacular reflection and lighting effects.

UltraHD Iray HDRI With DOF – Outdoor Pack 6 – Nature

Most Iray HDRI environments set don't allow depth of field use easily and DIRECTLY out of the box.

UltraHD IRAY HDRI With DOF – Concrete Boardwalk

Most Iray HDRI environments set don't allow depth of field use easily and DIRECTLY out of the box.

3D Photo Scenes – Exotic Beaches

Super easy to use photo backgrounds/scenes with a 3D effect. These beautiful sets will take you and your renders to breathtaking exotic beaches around the world. With dual planes, one for the sky and one for the ground, the photo is mapped in 2 dimensions giving you a 30-degree camera movement in all directions.

iRadiance HDR Resources – Country Pasture

The Country Pasture set includes wide open fields, country roads and areas surrounded by dense vegetation.