Jael for G8 and G8.1 Females

简介:Jael is a custom character for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females. Inspired by Biblical beauties and sculpted with head scan references of real Jewish and Armenian women, Jael has PBR and Uber Iray material

Cosima for Genesis 8.1 Female

简介:Cosima for Genesis 8.1 Female is the top summoner of the time boundary.产品原链接:http://www.daz3d.com/cosima-for-genesis-81-female下载链接:

WkD3D Maysoon for G8F

简介:WkD3D Maysoon is a beautiful middle eastern woman for Genesis 8 Female. Her exotic looks are perfect for your images, from the cities and deserts of Arabia, to the empire of ancient Persia, Maysoon

VYK Gerelyn for G8F

简介:Gerelyn for G8F.Requirements: Genesis 8 Female Morphs, HD Body Shapes for Genesis 8 Female产品原链接:http://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=145157下载链接:

Yamazaki for Genesis 8 Male

简介:Whether you need a fantasy world hero or a non-mainstream young man, Yamazaki is your character.产品原链接:http://www.daz3d.com/yamazaki-for-genesis-8-male下载链接:

CB Sophia HD for Genesis 8.1 Female

简介:CB Sophia HD is hand-sculpted for Genesis 8.1 Female. She has HD details sculpted at Level 4.产品原链接:http://www.daz3d.com/cb-sophia-hd-for-genesis-81-female下载链接:

Yaorenmao Ririchiyo for Genesis 8.1 Female

简介:Yaorenmao is an Asian dancer and singer who primarily posts videos on the Internet in which she dances to Asian pop songs. She sometimes makes videos for a great deal contained elaborate cosplays.产

Amelie For Genesis 8 Female

简介:Amelie For Genesis 8 Female.产品原链接:http://www.renderhub.com/daxk/amelie-for-genesis-8-female下载链接:

Seamon For Genesis 8 Male(s)

简介:Seamon is young beautiful man character for your project, enjoy work with 2k hight detail normals maps, body-head morphs, and Iray materiral preset.产品原链接:http://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/-seam

Kuo for Genesis 8.1 Female

简介:Introducing Kuo for Genesis 8.1 Female!产品原链接:http://www.daz3d.com/kuo-for-genesis-81-female下载链接: