HD Scans Beach Rocks

简介:HD Scans Beach Rocks is a spectacular, 100 percent photoreal, 450k/1.3M polygon, high-resolution scan of a Swedish Beach Rock formation with stunning details.It's made from over 700 high-resolution

Pumpkin Place

简介:Pumpkin Place all you needfor your Halloween Party====================What's Included:====================03 Props Lantern14 Props Pumpkins01 Props Bench01 Props Bricks01 Props Candy Bag01 Props Fe

180 Degree Backgrounds – Industrial

简介:The stunning 180 Degree Backgrounds - Industrial set features 3 180-degree photo sets and a high resolution ground paired with amazing ground fog effects. The matched lighting using Iray Global Ill

JMR dForce Cute Sweet Pajamas for G8F

简介:This is a sexy pajamas.Outfit includes 2 parts: Top, Panties.Morphs Included:Bodybuilder SizeBody SizeEmaciatedFitness SizeHeavyPear FigureThinVoluptuousBreasts DiameterBreasts GoneBreasts Implants

Play Poses for Kayden 8.1 and Genesis 8.1 Males

简介:All work and no play? No way! Kayden 8.1 may be a dedicated martial arts student, but he's still a little boy. Make sure your Genesis 8.1 kids get enough time to be kids and help them with Play Pos

Creativ DreamBath

简介:~ *Pedestal with Props and Shaders*~====================What's Included:====================02 Backgrounds01 BathBox01 BathSet01 Bathtubs with Water and Towel incl. 20 TowelMorphs01 Big BathBottle0

Catsuit outfit for Genesis 8 & 8.1 Females

简介:--------------------------------------------------------What you get with this package:--------------------------------------------------------04 Geometry file (.duf)01 Suit Conforming Figure for G

Prae-Trix Hair G3/G8 Daz

简介:Trix Hair is a 'big' hair style reminiscent of the 80s when the perm was king, it comes with 18 natural and fun hair colours for Iray and 3Delight.There is Genesis 8 Female and Male and Genesis 3 F

SWIM Couture for Desiree G8F

简介:SWIM Couture for Desiree by RainbowLight- This add on turns the Desiree Outfit into a Swimsuit/Bikini- 04 Unique Textures for the Skirt are "crochet" textures- 16 Iray Materials for the Top- 16 Ira

Shopping Queen – Catsuit

简介:Shopping queen for Catsuitoutfit***************************************needed: Catsuitoutfit for G8F/G8.1F byfefecoolyellow -Include:9 Sets for the Panty9 Sets for the Gloves9 Sets for the Suit依赖产品