Samba Poses for Genesis 8

简介:This is a set of twelve hierarchical samba poses for Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female.Each pair of poses has been saved as a preset optimized for the base Genesis 8 figures, Michael 8 and Victor

Mysterious Ancient Gate

简介:The Mysterious Ancient Gate is from a time long ago. It's a mystifying and magical place that cannot always be seen. Explore this creative environment today!产品原链接:

A Man of Action Poses for Genesis 8 Male(s)

简介:Time to bright back the action into your renders! It's time to be the man of action! For each character in the list, you will get 32 plus mirrored poses ultradetailed and take care of each individu

Cassandra Cain – Batgirl Costume for Genesis 8 Female

简介:Dive into the shadows of Gotham with the Cassandra Cain - Batgirl Costume, a meticulously crafted outfit designed exclusively for Genesis 8 Female.Born from the vibrant imagination found on Deviant

Dominator Crab: Nemesis

简介:Dominator Crab: Nemesis includes 5 brand new highly detailed texture sets for this incredible Mechanical Crab.Requires Dominator Crab for use.产品原链接:

Uta For Genesis 8 And 8.1 Females

简介:Uta For Genesis 8 And 8.1 Females.产品原链接: DRIVE

Raw Magnetism Poses for Silas 8

简介:30 poses to bring out the raw magnetism of Silas 8.产品原链接: DRIVE

A Dubious Slot Machine

简介:It s just a cool little modern video poker machine --- so what makes it so darn dubious?Well this premier package is just a normal slot machine but the upcoming expansion packs will turn this machi

Bollywood Romance Poses for Genesis 8

简介:There's nothing like the spectacle and the romance found in Bollywood movies. Now you can bring that joyful excitement to your renders with the Bollywood Romance Poses for Genesis 8!The set include

Syndra For Genesis 8 And 8.1 Females

简介:Syndra For Genesis 8 And 8.1 Females.产品原链接: DRIVE