CyberShade Outfit Textures

简介:CyberShade Outfit Textures comes with 4 high resolution texture sets for the CyberShade Outfit for Genesis 8 male.There are options for plasma or mecha-style back and helmet pieces for all 4 sets.S

LingHu Sword Master

简介:From a distant time, a mysterious warrior came to put some action into your renders.Now you can get an awesome pose pack designed specifically for LingHu.This set contains 20 full-body poses.Don´t

dForce Wadaiko Brothers for Kayden 8.1

简介:A young boy remembers that there is a small shrine near his grandparents' house. There was an old big drum there. He was able to use it freely and was fascinated by its deep bass sound. That drum w

AW Katana KasenKanesada

简介:This is a modern replica of Kasen Kanesada, a Japanese Katana sword. The blade is mostly straight-edged with an elegantly curved blade pattern at the base.The history of Kasen Kanesada: It was made

Z Bold Beauty Shape and Pose Mega Set

简介:The Z Bold Beauty Shape and Pose Mega Set for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female is a collection of exciting action poses with partials.There is also a stunning Bold Beauty Body Shape included. This pose set

dForce Hakama and Kimono Outfit Textures

简介:Change up your traditional look with these four new texture sets for the dForce Hakama and Kimono Outfit for Genesis 8.1 Male.依赖产品: dForce Hakama and Kimono Outfit for Genesis 8.1 Male产品原链接:https:/

Alejandra For Genesis 8 Female

简介:Introducing Alejandra,Alejandra is a beautiful European woman with a realistic skin. With her extraordinary beauty which could grace any billboard or magazine cover, Alejandra is better than those

Ninja Kid Outfit Textures

简介:Ninja Kid Outfit Textures come with 6 sets for every kid who wanted to be a ninja at least once as they were growing up. With this texture expansion, your Genesis 8 kid can be a super cool ninja.依赖

JRH dForce Harry Swimsuit for G8M

简介:This is a swimsuit.Outfit includes 1 part: Swimsuit.Morphs Included:Bodybuilder SizeBody SizeEmaciatedFitness SizeHeavyThinLithePortlyStockyDarius 8Edward 8Lee 8Lucas 8Michael 8Owen 8Tristan 8Vladi

HD Scans Garden Ponds

简介:HD Scans Garden Ponds is a spectacular, 100 percent photoreal, 1M polygon, high-resolution scan of a Swedish Garden Pond with stunning details.It's made from over 4,000 high-resolution photos and i