FH Sci-Fi Chamber Room

简介:Sci-Fi Chamber room is a utopian futuristic interior with chairs, sliding doors, and cameras, that load as a full scene Preload. Optimized for Daz Studio with Iray.产品原链接:

DeadWater General Store

简介:The town folks of Dead Water are happy to bring you the new General Store. If you can't find it here, we will happily tell you where to go!Full interior with extra props for the hard to shop for cu

Technomage Temple for Daz Studio

简介:Technomage Temple for Daz Studio is a wonderful product for your creativity.A great product with lots of details. The product consists of 7 parts.You can use them together. You can use them separat

Temple of a Lesser King

简介:The figure comes fully rigged with movable walls, roof, and backside to the pyramid. A sand dune prop completes the effect creating a 360 degree stage.The sand prop has a rolled edge to work great

XI Commercial Center – Christmas Add-On

简介:It's Christmastime at the Commercial Center! Enjoy the festivities and spread holiday cheer with the XI Commercial Center - Christmas Add-On.Required Products: XI Commercial Center产品原链接:

Point of Impact

简介:The sky has fallen! OK Actually it's just a U.F.O. or a Fiery Meteorite... or maybe some strange Space Crystal. Hey, it's your world; have fun.产品原链接:

Fusion Reactor Room

简介:Fusion Reactor to provide energy to your base, city, spaceship, doomsday device or whatever needs powering. Highly detailed interior environment.产品原链接:

Wind Studio Flat

简介:Wind Studio Flat is a modern and stylish residence offering comfortable studio-type apartments for rent.Conveniently located, these flats provide a cozy living space with all the necessary amenitie

Baba Yaga’s Hut

简介:The Slavic stories of the evil crone Baba Yaga and her chicken-legged house in the deep dark forest are brought to life in this richly imagined and interpreted environment, complete with cameras, h

Sci-fi Control Room

简介:Science fiction control room has highly detailed and designed as user friendly futuristic environment!产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:Sci