Sci-Fi Excavator

简介:Need to dig up some land in your Sci-Fi setting, introducing the Sci-Fi Excavator. This Sci-Fi Excavator can rotate 360 degrees.The arm can rotate up and down in two places making digging holes ver

Biplane Hawker Fury

简介:Immerse yourself in the fascinating era of historic aviation with the Hawker Fury, a legendary biplane, with high-resolution 4K textures.产品原链接:

Modular Starship Kit

简介:Create your very own starship with The Modular Starship Kit!The Modular Starship Kit comes with 59 space age and high tech objects to mix and match together to create your own style of spaceship or

488 Pista Evo

简介:The 488 Pista and 488 Pista Evo represent the pinnacle of Italian Supercar design and excitement.The Pista (Italian for track) Evo has everything you'd expect: wheels that turn, single-slider steer

Ships Of The US Civil War

简介:A collection of US Civil warships that were a part of the famous Battle of the Ironclads during the American Civil War.Requirements: Any program that can import 3DS model files产品原链接:

Wicked Boy

简介:Wicked Boy is a beautiful or creepy hearse depending on your point of view.A fully rigged vehicle includes Props such as engine flames, floor flames, and a rigged coffin.In the package, you will fi

D-31 Surveillance Drone

简介:Do you need to patrol and secure a large area autonomously, do you have large assets that need to be secured, would you like to add mechanized personnel to your force? Then the D-31 Surveillance Dr

XI Futuristic Gangster Car

简介:Even in the future Mafia bosses still need a classy ride. The Futuristic Gangster car is the perfect retro sci-fi vehicle.The car comes with 6 different material options. The car comes with a nice

Nomad Module 2 Iray Addon

简介:The Nomad Module 2 gets an Iray update!This Iray Addon gives you two bonus grey/green/red and grey/green accent versions to join the original white and grey versions.New Emissive materials will mak

Jeep Gladiator 2020 for DAZ

简介:With the Gladiator, Jeep delivered on the demands of Wrangler owners who wanted the fun and freedom of owning an off-road SUV with a pickup-truck bed attached to its hind quarters.产品原链接: