简介:Set sometime in the future, Hexad is a brutalist-inspired dystopian environment, created from an abandoned subway station.The access corridor leads into a vast atrium, which is perfect for large-sc

Public Toilet Construction Set

简介:Build your own public toilet using this toilet building set.The product includes:– Props to make a basic room (Floor, Walls, Barriers, Ceiling, …).– More than 10 essential toilet props you can use

Red Range Terrain Tiles

简介:Red Range Terrain Tiles are designed to allow you the ability to truly set the scene.The foreground, mid-ground, and background are yours to turn, scale, repeat, and reposition. Flat sand tiles can

Easy Environments: Clouds II

简介:Easy Environments: Clouds II is a set of high-res (12000x6000) SkySpheres/HDRIs for Daz Studio and Poser, providing full scene coverage.The preloads are Daytime and Nightfall, each with a cold and

Alien Ship Hallway

简介:This is an Alien Ship Hallway.产品原链接:下载链接:

Easy Environments: Winter Fields

简介:The Easy Environments series combines high-res 360° Skysphere/HDRI backgrounds with terrain geometry to place your characters on.Winter Fields is a lovely, calm environment, a crossroad flanked by

Spring Bedroom

简介:Loves nature? Bring it inside with the Spring Bedroom.The warm, wooden, and nature-inspired interior will make you feel very homey. The included wood furniture is as beautiful as the spacious room

FG Milktea Shop

简介:Milk tea, or bubble tea, has rapidly gained popularity worldwide! It started as a drink fad but has gone mainstream!Customers keep coming back for their favorite tea drink, so the FG Milktea Shop i

Parking Garage

简介:The real action always happens in the Parking Garage!Parking Garage is an indoor(ish) environment in a new building in the heart of Houston city skyscrapers, ready to add cars, people, and anything

ROG Fantasy Home – Hallway

简介:Welcome to the ROG Fantasy Home - Hallway!The second architectural set of the Fantasy Home connects seamlessly with other Fantasy Home rooms and, like all Fantasy Home rooms, comes complete with in