Altern8 for Girl 8

简介:Altern8 Girl 8 provides a wider variety of customization options for Girl 8 and your Genesis 8 Female characters. Altern8 Girl 8 comes with 14 skin tones, 15 face shape presets, 14 eye color settin

VYK Leanan for The Girl 8

简介:Get ready for some blissful fairy fun with Leanan!This youthful cutie for The Girl 8 comes with 7 eye color options, 7 eyelash color options, 7 make-up options, 2 L.I.E. eyeliner options, 7 lip col

Z Glamour Gal – Poses and Expressions for The Girl 8 and Genesis 8 Female

Z Glamour Gal for Genesis 8 Female and Girl 8 is a fresh and unique pose collection of fun and cool poses.

Glorious Girl 8 Shapes

This Package comes with 4 Face Shapes, and 4 Body Shapes.

Playful Pin-up Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Required Products: The Girl 8, Aureska Hol HD for Zelara 8

VYK Patty for The Girl 8

Required Products: The Girl 8, Genesis 8 Female Morphs

P3D Hailey for The Girl 8

Hailey's skin textures are of a high quality and created from high resolution photos.

Emy For Teen Raven 8 and Girl 8

The vampire Emy may look cute but she hasn't lived hundreds of years on that cuteness alone. She can be a beast!