Victoria 7 Expression Set

A versatile and fun set of 23 expressions for Victoria 7.

Enchanted Dance Poses for Michael 7 and Victoria 7

Enchanted Dance Poses for Michael 7 and Victoria 7.

DM’s Sheer Class

A collection of sensual and sexy poses with a touch of class. Carefully crafted for Genesis 3 Female/Victoria 7.

DM’s FIT ‘n SEXY Poses and Props

Strong is beautiful and so are these poses. Let your girls do some squats, pump up some iron or just look sexy. Carefully crafted for Genesis 3 Female(s) and Victoria 7.

Drew G3F-V7

Drew for G3F and V7.

Heiress Spy Tales II: The Family Business

Victoria has found her long lost brother Michael! Now, both hardened veterans of espionage, they can begin to avenge their parents death!

Victoria 7 Merchant Resource – Pale Skin

Victoria 7 Merchant Resource-Pale Skin for use in creating your own commercial, for sale, textures/characters!

Valla for G3F/V7

Valla for Genesis 3 Female and V7.

DM’s Stones of Graith

The Stones of Graith were inspired by all the ancient standing stones around the world. Let the mysteries and magic of the stones take you away!

Audrina for Victoria 7

Audrina is a character set based off a classic film actress.