Steam Be Praised

简介:What is included:10 backgrounds 9000x6000 pixels产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:Steam Be Praised 2Steam Punk Arrr Pirate Hat

Modular Starship Kit Texture Set

简介:The Modular Starship Kit Texture Set is a set of 5 different texture presets for the product Modular Starship Kit.Files included: Modular Starship Kit产品原链接:

Baja Raptor Rally Truck – Texture Pack

简介:This is a specific add-on texture pack for the Baja Raptor Rally Truck featuring 8 different material styles to choose from.产品原链接:

Moonbeam’s In Love of Lotus

简介:I've never really seen many design resources on the market with this flower I am in love with - the Lotus - so I thought I'd design one. Moonbeam's "In love of Lotus" guarantees to fulfill your gra

Moonbeam’s Letters to Santa

简介:Moonbeam's "Letters to Santa" is a Christmas themed design resource created in a vibrant color palette, this product is unique and one-of-a-kind in every way.Package contains a selection of pre-mad

Steam Be Praised 2

简介:The second series of steampunk pictures contains another views of factories, but even more than the mining towers and especially the interiors of factories and machine shops, full of all kinds of m

Torn Fabric Iray Shaders – MR

简介:The Torn Fabric Iray Shaders, incorporate meticulously crafted dirt details, adding realism and depth to your fabrics.Whether it's a well-worn jacket or vintage upholstery, the dirt accents tell a

Daz Iray – Old Rocks

简介:Daz Iray - Old Rocks - is a new set of beautiful high quality fantasy shaders created for Daz Studio with Iray.You will get 5 rock textures with different efefcts (simple, grunge, wet, dark and mos

Wallpaper Shaders

简介:Wallpaper Shaders - new set of shaders credted for Daz Studio with Iray. This set is a merchant resource and can be used to create your own products.You will get 35 concrete wall shaders. Varius to

Ron’s Light Painting

简介:Light painting is a photographic technique where light is "painted" or "drawn" into the photograph using a handheld light source during a long exposure.With Ron's Light Painting, I give you 16 laye