Tiny Home Office

简介:In a high-rise condominium along the business district, this Tiny Home Office features a large window that shows a spectacular city skyscraper. Working from home in this office space still captures

Great Lights and Props for Iray

简介:Greats Lights is an incredibly beautiful light pack.The included lights can be used from realistic scenes to fantasy scenes.Its two props, background with 20 design options and 30 emissive colors a

The Magical Place

简介:Learn the secrets of The Magical Place, where your characters venture into the middle of a beautiful forest with rich soil and moss-covered rocks.This outdoor environment includes props and terrain

Australia Botanica – Trees and Shrubs

简介:Build your own slice of the Outback with Australia Botanica - Trees and Shrubs!Australia Botanica - Trees and Shrubs contains 36 hand crafted 3D models of Australian Flora.This set includes several

UltraScenery – Australia

简介:Build your own slice of the Outback with UltraScenery - Australia!UltraScenery - Australia includes six fantastic, highly detailed ecologies for UltraScenery. Bring the Australian bush to your Ultr

Australia Botanica – Understorey

简介:Build your own slice of the Outback with Australia Botanica - Understorey!Australia Botanica - Understorey contains 36 hand crafted 3D models with a focus on the grasses and other litter to be obse

HAB – Redux

简介:Texture expansion for HAB - Sci-Fi Living Quarters, two new color styles依赖产品: HAB - Sci-Fi Living Quarters产品原链接:https://www.daz3d.com/hab--redux下载链接:

HAB – Sci-Fi Living Quarters

简介:HAB - Sci-Fi Living Quarters is a living environment that features a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and seating area.产品原链接:https://www.daz3d.com/hab--sci-fi-living-quarters下载链接:

City Office Block Props

简介:Big mess? Clean it up with City Office Block Props!This set of useful office block props comes with fits for Genesis 8 Male. These standard janitor or cleaner props include a rigged briefcase, clea

Vintage Candles

简介:Vintage Candles is a new pack of candle holders and candles for a variety of scenes.With Vintage Candles, you get candelabras, wall sconcs and Pillar candle holders, as well as pillar, short and ta