Tossed Blouses

简介:Spice up your renders and story with some photoreal-tossed blouses + one bustier!These gorgeous high-quality HD scans of blouses can be used on floors, beaches, pools, tables, chairs, beds, and sof

STZ TV Room 3

简介:“STZ TV Room 3”- Extreme quality hi polygonal models for Poser and DAZ studio(Iray only).Included in this Package:1 TV Room in .cr2 format with .obj file1 TV Room in .duf format31 Props (.cr2, pp2,

TS Classic Bathroom 03

简介:Look no further for your classy, comfortable bathroom! The TS Classic Bathroom 03 is a spacious and cozy bathroom with sink, and all props you need for your scene. Your character can also enjoy a r


简介:“Funnel” is a product for DazStudio, which contains one realistic funnel prop and one “liquid” prop.产品原链接:

Snow White Cottage

简介:The Snow White Cottage is perfect for those who love to outdoors. This adorable miniature house is made of white snow and features a dwarf miniature architecture. It’s perfect for complex indoor or

American House

简介:The American house often features a spacious kitchen and dining area, perfect for family gatherings and entertaining guests. Discover the key elements and design ideas for creating a warm and invit

Darkseal’s Tie Me: Silk

简介:Tie me up, Tie me down… Tie Me: SilkSilk ties to bind what you like! Tie Me: Silk includes 8 prop pieces that have been detailed on both sides and made to look like silk cloth to tie up, and tie do

SAMANT Cool Pool

简介:“SAMANT Cool Pool”- Extreme quality hi polygonal models for Poser (FireFly only) and DAZ studio (Iray only).Included in this Package:1 room in .cr2 format with .obj file1 room in .duf format25 Prop

Medieval Trebuchets

简介:The Medieval Trebuchet is designed to shoot monstrous-sized boulders at tremendous distances, dealing vast amounts of destruction in its wake.This collection includes 4 trebuchets with shootable bo

Ornate Wagon

简介:Inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship of the traditional Vardo, the Ornate Wagon is a highly detailed and ornate caravan for your figures to call home.The Ornate Wagon is a lovely wagon in astoun