DMs Pretty for GND Anastasia

50 poses for GND Anastasia, all with their mirrored versions. 100 poses in total!


SCI-FI SpikeQueen Character for Poser/Daz Studio.

Fehn Felonia Set

The prop clothing items in this set can only be used with the Poser Cloth Room.

RA Fehn

"RA Fehn" is an add-on consisting of five complete sets for each item of clothing which constitutes the original product of Nursoda.


Leon is an original standalone realistic figure of a cute little boy, every single vert and every single pixel of whom was made by Vyusur from scratch. Leon has face rigging and he is equipped with essential pose controls. Moreover, he is completed with two hair items, five fiber brows, one set of fiber lashes and a set of clothes of one dForce singlet, one dForce shirt, briefs, jeans and sandals. His set also includes 10 poses and mirrors for non symmetrical ones.