Gate Guardian for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Fantasy style outfit for Genesis 8 Male.

dForce Basic Outfit for Ogre HD and Genesis 8 Male

Ogres aren't known to dress too fancily, and with the Basics Outfit for Ogre HD and Genesis 8 Male, you get the perfect basic set of duds for your brutal beast.

Z Spoiled Behavior Pose Mega Set G3 G8

Would you stamp with your feet when you are annoyed? Would you pout for ages when you don't get what you want? I would! And so can you with Z Spoiled Behavior!

Military Tunnel

Military Tunnel is a military theme exterior environment detailed with realism. This scene will make a great addition to your 3D collection.

Behemoth Weapons

Sometimes bigger is better! Each weapon bears the name of an ancient king or hero.

dForce DeNile for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Egyptian-inspired outfit with accessories, complete with two looks out of the box!


Dimocrates is a 3D modular exterior set featuring various elements to create unique Arabic-styled grand entrances. Included are walls and gates, along with 6 preloads to get you started. These can be mixed and matched to generate even more designs.

Les Romantiques for Cheirocrates

This light and airy, yet grungy, texture is a wonderful add-on for Jack Tomalin's Cheirocrates 3D model setting. The collection also includes a bonus light set.


Cheirocrates is a modular exterior set, featuring various elements inspired by an Arabic-style avenue.

Z Multiform Revolver and Poses for Genesis 8

Z Multiform Revolver and Poses is a unique and exciting 3-in-1 Prop and Poses Set designed to help your figures get into the action in every scenario.