Stallions Strength Poses for Genesis 8 Centaur

Fantasy creatures lives portrayed. fighting, running, contemplating and loving.

dForce Dimeros Outfit for Centaur 8 Male(s)

Armor fit for Chiron himself. This dForce ready armor designed for Genesis 8 Male Centaur supports a wide range of body morphs.

dForce Dimeros Outfit Textures

dForce Dimeros Outfit Textures adds 4 highly detailed textures sets for the dForce Dimeros Outfit for Centaur 8 Male(s).

The Queen of Thorns Bundle

The Queen of Thorns Bundle is a historically inspired fantasy Character, Outfit and Addon Bundle with an amazing look.

The Shadow Qabbalah Bundle

The Shadow Qabbalah Bundle is how you get everything you want out of the all-new Qabbalah character and more!

EJ Fantasy Ears for Genesis 8 Female(s)

EJ Fantasy Ears For Genesis 8 Female is a collection of 20 ear morphs of different shapes for all kinds of creatures: from the dark side ones to the spirits of light, monsters, orcs, fairies, elves, pixies, fauns, aliens, gnomes, and races from fantasy worlds of your imagination that need to show their non-human nature.

Baby Props N Poses for Genesis 8

Lovely and cute new poses for Caryn and Tobyn 8 with a little blanket and cute pillow for putting some nice and lovely atmosphere into your renders!

dForce Alascanus Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

The Alascanus outfit is the fitting attire for your merman!

Black Market Blades Gladiator Basics for Genesis 8 and Centaur 8

This set includes a Gladius as well as a Spear, Hammer, Axe and we can not forget the Shield. The old forge has now been decommissioned as the new one stokes into the future.

Chefei for Genesis 8 Females

Chefei is smiley asian girl character for your everyday scenario, enjoy work with body-head morphs, smile expression and 4 face skin Iray materirals.