CB Sophia Character, Clothing, and Texture Sets Bundle

简介:In the CB Sophia Character, Clothing, and Texture Sets Bundle, you'll get the CB Sophia HD Character and the clothing sets with a variety of PBR texture expansions.This Bundle includes:产品原链接:http:/

Bell Clamps

简介:The bell clamps are poseable props, with a lot of flexibility for the position, the movements that they can do, the possibility to open / close, etc. Their initial position reflects the Genesis fig

Helper Elf for Genesis 8 Male

简介:This character was designed for a ton of personality, with huge emotional expressions, and eyes that sparkle with joy. The High Definition morphs and High Quality textures will really bring this ch

Pantyhose Stockings Collection for SuperHose

简介:"Pantyhose Stockings Collection for SuperHose" is a new Collection of materials(Mat pose) and textures for a product "HIGHFASHION Essentials: SuperHose for V4/A4/G4" by Bice & outoftouch.Requir

Flight Attendant Uniform for V4A4

简介:This product is a flight attendant uniform for V4 and A4. A jacket, shirt, skirt, scarf, hat, pumps and caster bag are contained in this set.产品原链接:http://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/index.php?Vi

Everyday Poses Collection V4

简介:This pose collection delivers a lot of useful poses. It includes 24 different main poses in normal and mirrored position, and a big collection of partial and hand poses to make hundreds ofcombinati

HIGHFASHION Essentials: SuperHose for V4/A4/G4

简介:HIGHFASHION Essentials: SuperHose for V4/A4/G4.产品原链接:http://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/highfashion-essentials-superhose-for-v4-a4-g4/72784下载链接:

Ogre HD Accessories

简介:An Ogre can never have enough armor, weapons or other accessories he may need to face the perils he encounters during his travels, from brave Knights trying to rid the land of Ogres or Goblins and

Retro Flashback Bundle

简介:Old school is all the craze, so take your scenes to the past with the Retro Flashback Bundle!This Bundle Includes:产品原链接:http://www.daz3d.com/retro-flashback-bundle下载链接:

Genesis 3 Female HAPPY

简介:This collection of 30 expressions is ready for you to use in your art, renders and content.产品原链接:http://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=111447下载链接: