Landtrak Explorer Transportation Model

The LandTrak Explorer model is a large 6x6 all terrain vehicle scaled to use with Poser figures. Moving parts Wheels, Doors, Tailgate and Pilot Seat. All props can be hidden for detailed posed figures internal of the vehicle.

GND: Anastasia

Anastasia means 'resurrection' -- and the Alyson platform gets an unexpected 'Girl Next Door' revival by Blackhearted.

HEROINE for Purple Esmeralda

"LUST" is a companion texture set for Purple Esmeralda by powerage.

Kenjutsu Sword

Forged from folded carbon steel, the traditional Katana were worn by the Samurai of old. Named 'Kirigirisu' by the master swordsmith for the 'Grasshopper' tsuba, it has a curved temper line down the length of the blade and is unsurpassed in sharpness and strength.


Crossbows for Poser and DAZ.

Dreamlight’s Castle Door

Dreamlight's Castle Door is a beautifully detailed prop with the right kind of mediterranean / castle mood. Lightwave version is a complete scene you can load and render, as seen in the promo images. DAZ Studio version compatible with Light Dome PRO and Light Dome PRO 2 for beathtaking renders stright from DAZ Studio.

SW WingX

SCI-FI vehicle - SW WingX for your Poser/Daz character. Come as Character Figure with 2 pose (Landed and onAir).And pilotpose for V4/M4. Cockpit goes with station pilat character,that can be hided. Droid also included, and have rotating head.