Fantasy Toys 22

简介:The product contains:Rigged Prop: one surface; rigged;Materials- 2 x 8 IRAY产品原链接: posts:Bad Toys – H

Neon Fun I for DAZ3D

简介:NEON FUN I for DAZ3D is a Set of 25 NEONs, a Baseroom with 3 different Walls and a Floor.产品原链接: DRIVERelated posts:SV’s Ne

Throne Hall

简介:Do your rulers need a new throne room? And the throne?Throne Hall is an indoor environment prop set, consisting of a throne room, a throne on the round steps, and lit torches.The throne has 5 diffe

Medieval Cages

简介:Medieval Cages is a collection of 8 medieval cage props, complete with openable doors, for all your fantasy or historical incarceration needs.It includes a flatbed wagon, 2 broken-out cages, and so

Snap On Sets 01

简介:Snap On Sets is a collection of 57 props that enables you to build an unlimited number of interior environments of your own design.With a sci-fi/industrial slant, it includes all the necessities su

Polaris Props

简介:Polaris Props - Science fiction items for Polaris Corridor and Polaris Hangar products.The set includes gas station items, monitors, fire extinguishers, surveillance cameras, shelves for boxes, etc

Yummy Princess Cake

简介:Indulge in this delicious photoreal Scandinavian Princess Cake!Perfect for your party, birthday, or any celebration renders.  Dive into this yummy torte with layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam, v

Punkish Alien Scanner Collection

简介:The latest line of Alien Scanners by Punkish virtually eliminates the need for probing.This collection includes five scanners, so there is no need to fight over who gets to do science.Each scanner

Halloween Outdoor Decor

简介:This spooky Halloween set of outdoor scarecrows and props has everything you will ever need to scare little trick-or-treaters or crop-destroying animals any time of year on your 3D farm.产品原链接:https

Bell island for Poser

简介:Bell island for Poser is a wonderful product for your creativity.Decorative props for Fantasy and Fairy tale theme.产品原链接: