FPE Faceless for Genesis 9


Like with its Genesis 8 & 8.1 predecessor, “Faceless for Genesis 9” consists of a Geograft that strips and smooths the face off any Genesis 9 character. Also included are shaders, textures, and LIE Masks to give the smooth surface an exaggerated expression for storytelling. This product can serve several different purposes.

On the one hand, this provides the user with the ability to quickly create crowds without having to worry or bother about what those background characters should look like. Instancing a couple of these “silhouetted characters” can quickly help build a scene without exhausting your system, especially as you can lower the resolution of these background characters. Adding one of our expressions via LIE can also help show your audience whether the crowd is hostile or not.

Another use would be to provide mystery to a character. If your story deals with an antagonist you don’t want to show your audience yet, you can use the Faceless9 Geograft, Materials, and Shaders to shroud him in mystery while still showing something to your audience, giving him a more menacing look.

You can also use Faceless9 more symbolically. Allowing you to switch between what a character may be projecting vs what they may be feeling inside.

A fourth use of this product is to create ghosts or demons that may guilt-ride your character. Maybe these phantoms cling to your character, with tears in their eyes, asking for vengeance? Or maybe they trail behind your character, enjoying how your protagonist struggles through life? Or maybe your protagonists are trying to escape someone, but their paranoia makes them feel like everyone’s eyes are on them. Whatever the story, this product can help you tell it!

Faceless for Genesis 9 consists of:

1 GEOGRAFT WEARABLE that can work on both genders. Just keep in mind that using it on extreme shapes may not look as shown here. The graft will replace the face with a solid, smooth, and featureless mask.

07 HIERARCHICAL IRAY MATERIAL PRESETS (based on the Iray Uber Shader. Three of these skin presets are solid (maples), which will help save resources, as this product is primarily intended for crowd/background characters—the other four consist of 6 maps per look, 24 maps in total.

09 PARTIAL HIERARCHICAL IRAY MATERIAL PRESETS to change and control the metallicity intensity and color. Turning off the metallicity via this preset will yield a matte look.

16 IRAY SHADERS that match the skin presets and utilities (partials). These can be used on anything. These will ignore the cutout channel (opacity), so they can also be used for hair and plants.

52 EMISSION LIE PRESETS & 14 PARTIAL (UTILITY) MATERIAL PRESETS. The LIE Masks for the emission channel consist of 26 Eyes stamps, 22 Mouth stamps, & 05 Eyebrows stamps. Of course, you can mix and match the eyebrows, mouth, and eyes for even more variation! While we included six different emission colors, you can always switch to another by selecting the Faceless9 Graft and changing the tone of the “Emission Color” surface! You can change the intensity and use the texture option for more variation!

61 OVERLAY LIE PRESETS & 08 PARTIAL (UTILITY) MATERIAL PRESETS. The LIE Masks for the overlay channel were primarily envisioned for the white skin preset but can be used with all the other skin materials. Unlike the Emission presets, inverted versions of the stamps are included here to help make them read better. So, the overlay presets consist of 26 Eyes stamps, 31 Mouth stamps, & 05 Brow stamps. Of course, you can mix and match the mouth and eyes for even more variation! While we included three different emission colors, you can decide the color by selecting the Faceless Grafts and changing the tone of the “Overlay Color” surface! You can likewise change the look by lowering the “Overlay Weight” value and using the texture option for more variation!






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